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Leah Schulte, CFP® 


"Accept that you deserve to have everything you want in your life. And then go do something about it."

-- Leah Schulte

Typical Offices &Hours

In a nutshell

Direct, funny, and ambitious, Leah has an infectious enthusiasm for guiding clients toward getting what they want in their careers, relationships, and lives. Leah is a therapist, the chief operating officer for Naya Clinics, and a financial advisor/accountant who co-runs the RIA, Brass Tax Wealth Management. A life-long learner, Leah has undying passion for decoding human behavior and educating clients on why they do what they do. If you're looking for a therapist who is well-rounded, brave, and earnest, Leah is the one for you.

Pricing starting at:

$130 for Individuals 

$150 for Couples

final price determined on a sliding scale

Typical offices, hours, prices

Appointments available by request.


Please also inquire about group retreats and group therapy

(Eastern Standard Time)

Most of our clients have success uploading their invoices directly to their insurance provider in order to obtain reimbursement. 

Outside of the office

"Outside of the office, you can definitely find me in the gym or out on a run. There isn't much I don't/won't do because I find life to be so fun, (as hard as it can be). I'm extremely curious and like anything that involves a competition. I also spend my time playing the piano, knitting, bowling (poorly), working on my farm, playing video games, and reading."

Couples and Families


Executives & Entrepreneurs



Therapy for Men

Sex & Sexual Dysfunction

Financial Therapy


I also work with: Eating Disorders, Burnout, Career, Confidence, Fear of Failure, Life transitions, Loneliness, Perfectionism, Performance anxiety, Self-esteem, Stress, Trauma, Vulnerability

My therapy personality and style

Humorous, Existential, Creative, Positive, Like a coach, Authentic, Motivational, Conversational, Listener, Solution-Focused

Positive Existential Therapy™, Reality Therapy, Imago (relationship/marriage therapy), ACT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused, Existential, CBT, Gestalt, Family Systems

Leah's tip for retirement, divorce, and break-ups: 

Men and women struggle with depression, restlessness, repeated unhelpful behaviors, and boredom in retirement and after a relationship break. I find that this often stems from fighting against embracing a new identity. Take the time to consider that you have not failed or taken the lazy way out. Instead, you are trying something new, which means you need to create and accept a brand new identity and grieve the old.  


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